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This Agreement is entered into between Beekman Holidays (Pty) Limited, as the SERVICE PROVIDER and you, as the SERVICE USER.

Right of Use

The SERVICE PROVIDER hereby authorises and gives consent to the SERVICE USER to explore and interact with the materials contained on this website. The SERVICE USER acknowledges that this website is for his or her personal information and use only and that he or she may not in any way download, reproduce, display or record any of the information material, trade marks, logos, illustrations and displays contained on this website for any commercial purpose whatsoever.


All information material, trade marks, logos, illustrations and displays are the sole property of, or held under license by, the SERVICE PROVIDER and any unauthorized use of any materials may violate trademark and copyright laws.

Links to Other Websites

The SERVICE USER acknowledges that as this website is developed and improved, other websites may become linked to this one. As these other linked websites may not be under the direct management and control of the SERVICE PROVIDER, the SERVICE PROVIDER specifically does not warrant the accuracy of the material contained therein, nor the efficiency of such website and accepts no responsibility nor liability for any losses occasioned by any use thereof or reliance thereon by the SERVICE USER.

Different Service Users

This website will be explored by members of the public wanting to discover more about BEEKMAN HOLIDAYS and what it has to offer. Consequently, different Users may have different intentions and expectations of the website. The SERVICE USER acknowledges this difference and that the website and the provisions hereof must recognise this.

Personal Information

The SERVICE USER acknowledges that the SERVICE PROVIDER, in furtherance of its service towards its customers, may require certain personal information from the SERVICE USER from time to time. The SERVICE PROVIDER, however, acknowledges that it also has a duty to the SERVICE USER, and to this end BEEKMAN HOLIDAYS has taken every precaution possible to protect the SERVICE USER’S right to privacy.

The SERVICE USER further acknowledges that the SERVICE PROVIDER may require such personal information for the purposes of promoting and administering BEEKMAN HOLIDAYS more efficiently and effectively and has chosen the medium of this website to achieve this. The information collected will assist the SERVICE PROVIDER with maintaining and improving this website for the benefit of all Users.

Collection of Personal Information

The SERVICE PROVIDER undertakes to collect only such information as is commercially necessary to promote, market, administer and manage BEEKMAN HOLIDAYS and this website. Particularly, the SERVICE PROVIDER will not pass on, or make economic gain from, any personal information collected, including name and contact details, credit and character details, from the SERVICE USER to any other person or persons, other than with the expressed consent of the SERVICE USER, under warrant of a court order or process of discovery in any court proceedings, or to affiliates of the SERVICE PROVIDER and BEEKMAN HOLIDAYS: Provided that any personal information passed on to such affiliates shall only be for the purposes of promoting, marketing, administering and managing the SERVICE PROVIDER or BEEKMAN HOLIDAYS, and that the affiliates shall not pass on such personal information. To this end, the SERVICE PROVIDER will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Use of Personal Information

The SERVICE USER acknowledges that one of the duties of the SERVICE PROVIDER is to monitor the success of the products and services of BEEKMAN HOLIDAYS and this website, and to identify its market, and that personal information collected may be used for the purposes of survey, adaption and improvement of such products and services, and this website. The SERVICE USER specifically acknowledges and consents to the SERVICE PROVIDER and BEEKMAN HOLIDAYS following up such information directly with the SERVICE USER by way of e-mail or other means. However the SERVICE USER shall have the right at any time to revoke such consent.

Responses from Service Provider

The SERVICE USER acknowledges that if he or she requires a response from the SERVICE PROVIDER, information relevant to the query may be required in order to respond thereto as fully as possible. If the SERVICE USER prefers not to provide such information, or is for whatever reason unable to do so, this may affect the extent of the response by the SERVICE PROVIDER.

Individual Transactions

As this website is updated and improved from time to time, new services may be introduced which may affect the nature of information required from Users. The SERVICE USER acknowledges that these terms and conditions may be amended from time to time to reflect the nature of the service provided by the SERVICE PROVIDER. Consequently, the SERVICE USER acknowledges that every time that he or she explores and/or interacts with this website will constitute a new transaction subject to the terms and conditions applicable at that time.


These terms and conditions are construed in terms of the laws of the Republic of South Africa, without giving effect to the principles regarding the conflict of laws. The SERVICE USER acknowledges and agrees to the exclusive jurisdiction of the High Court of South Africa in respect of any and all disputes arising out of or relating to this website, including but not limited to any dispute relating to jurisdiction.

Resort Information

The holiday resorts referred to in this website include resorts over which the SERVICE PROVIDER and BEEKMAN HOLIDAYS have no control. Information pertaining to all resorts has been provided by the resorts themselves or their respective managing agents. In the premise, the SERVICE PROVIDER cannot and does not warrant or guarantee the correctness of any information collected and presented on this website. No representation contained herein shall in anyway amount to a representation by the SERVICE PROVIDER or BEEKMAN HOLIDAYS of the resort, its amenities and facilities and the SERVICE USER is invited to confirm this information with the specific resort.


The SERVICE PROVIDER and BEEKMAN HOLIDAYS and all their affiliates do not warrant the accuracy of the material contained in, nor the efficiency of this website and accept no responsibility nor liability for any loss occasioned by any use hereof or reliance hereon by the SERVICE USER. The SERVICE USER acknowledges that he or she shall not be entitled to rely on any information nor material contained herein as constituting a variation, alteration or amendment of any customers’ existing agreement with BEEKMAN HOLIDAYS, nor shall such information nor material constitute any warranty or representation on which the SERVICE USER may rely on.